Iberian percussion

with Martí Hosta and Alba Chacón

Percussion instruments are an essential element in the musical tradition of the Iberian Peninsula. Mainly played by women, both to accompany daily life and festive moments, they played what they had at their disposal: tambourines, panderos, and also kitchen utensils or everyday objects. Their possibilities are of an incalculable value, both timbric and rhythmic. In this workshop, we will work with pandero cuadrado, tambourines, mortars, paella pans, scallop shells… delving into phrasing, techniques, and traditional repertoire from various areas of the Iberian Peninsula, exploring their evolution and assembly possibilities.

We will play and sing at all times, as percussion is a natural and inseparable accompaniment to singing.

You will also be able to enjoy a master class on everyday objects with Antonio Sánchez and one on tambourine with Acari Bertran.

For this workshop, it is essential to bring a pandero cuadrado and at least one tambourine. If you don’t have them, you can rent them.

Singing workshop

with Ana Rossi & Rusó Sala

As obvious as it may seem, we cannot forget that learning traditional art should be enjoyable in every discipline, especially when it comes to singing. Through body awareness, we will develop the sensory perception of the vocal apparatus to put musicality and the truth of our emotions at the service of the sung word, generating a constant dialogue that transcends temporality.

We will work on technical notions (breathing, vocalization, projection…) and musical resources through popular repertoire. We will select some pieces to deepen into polyphony and thus experience the beauty of singing in harmony with other voices.

Dance workshop

with Kike Arias

In recent years, traditional Iberian music and rhythms have evolved towards the present, and dance must be part of this process and continue alongside music in this search. Dance has always been part of folklore and tradition alongside music, and dances were a social event where people could meet their peers, share moments, and build community.

Through dance and movement, we can connect with ideas and aspects that refer us to the root of our identity. Deepening into tradition and inhabiting it is accepting the past and recognizing ourselves in it. Reconnecting with traditional music and dance will help us develop individually and collectively, forming a network where we can be ourselves.

We will start from Iberian folklore as a starting point to learn and recognize the steps and structures of traditional dance. All from a safe space to have fun playing with our present bodies.

From the jota to the muñeira, passing through the seguidillas, the pasodobles, and more; these rhythms and dances will serve as a basis to fly with them and generate our own dance to connect with each other and enjoy tradition in all its forms.


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From Monday to Fridat from 10:00 to 14:00

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