Martí Hosta

Percussion workshop

Martí Hosta is a drummer, percussionist, and sound creator. He began playing jazz and fusion at the Taller de Músics and the Escola de música moderna de Badalona and slowly delved into the world of traditional music, thanks to Eliseo Parra and the Coetus percussion orchestra. He has also shared the stage with Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Sofia Ribeiro, Judit Neddermann, Aziza Brahim, Marco Mezquida, Guillem Roma, Momi Maiga, Bufa & sons, etc. Insòlit Trio (2011) and Bengalah (2018) are the two albums he released of his own compositions.

He has recently opened a studio specialized in percussion, El Celler Estudi, where he records and arranges for many artists and productions. As a teacher, he runs his own drum and percussion school in Sant Cugat and gives improvisation workshops and Iberian percussion courses.

Alba Chacón

Percussion workshop

She began her musical studies in piano and music theory with the Willems method, continuing at the Ángel Arias Conservatory in Madrid. Years later, she discovered the world of Brazilian and Latin percussion thanks to Antonio Monedero, becoming part of the groups Batuseira, Zumbalé, and Zumbalé Elektrik Band as a keyboardist and percussionist. Since 2003, she has been attending classes in Iberian singing and percussion with the master Eliseo Parra, delving for years into traditional Iberian music and performing with him in different formats and shows: Eliseo Parra Quartet, with the shows “Alum” and “Hispània Tribal” of the Compañía Ibérica de Danza, Cantar y Batir, Las Piojas en Costura, etc. She has also received training in Iberian and Latin American percussion with Aleix Tobias. She is a graduate in music education and combines teaching at school with activities related to folklore: since 2021 she teaches Iberian singing and percussion classes in Madrid and El Boalo, continuing Eliseo Parra’s pedagogical work, and works in the Folklore area of the Creative Music School of Madrid. She has also taught traditional music workshops for teachers and music teachers. She has been part of Zagala and currently belongs to the Collado Project group, both groups renewing traditional root music. She has collaborated with artists such as the Community Orchestra of Madrid, Dos, La Mare, Estupenda Estupenda, or Rozalén.

Rusó Sala

Singing workshop

As a child, playing freely in an eclectic fashion, Ruso was creating the foundations of her life’s art: to make music. Song-writing has always been at the center of her life. Her very first song, ‘La Flama‘ written in Budapest in 2006 became a track on her self-produced debut album La Ciutat Imaginària (2009). She has since released three albums: Mar Endins (Freshsound 2013), into which the diverse sounds of the Mediterranean and Nordic Italia are deftly woven; Fil de Coure (Microscopi 2015) recorded with Sardinian guitarist Caterinangela Fadda; and Desirem (Microscopi 2019), in collaboration with Miriam Encinas and Aleix Tobias.

Throughout her career and travels through Argentine, Portugal, Italia, Poland and more, she has moved where curiosity has led her and has drawn from various sources, especially music with Mediterranean roots, paying special attention to the Sephardic heritage (by the hand of Rosa Zaragoza) and the Arabic-Andaluce (with Amine Tilioua), always searching for different sonorities and new ways of approaching both interpretation and composition.

Ruso’s passion for collaboration has included projects with Amine Tilioua, Bente Kahan, Clara Peya, Tanit Navarro, Rosa Zaragoza, Giulia Valle, Sakapatú, Joan Isaac, Ian Sala, as well as the traditional Iberian folk group Coetus.

Ana Rossi

Singing workshop

Ana Rossi is a musician, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and teacher. Born in Rosario, Argentina, since the year 2000 she lives in Barcelona, ​​where she began her professional career. She trained in modern music at El Taller de Músics and L’Aula de Música moderna del Conservatori del Liceu, at the Escola de Música de Badalona and above all with private teachers and mentors and learns still today constantly and with curiosity. She plays guitar, piano and percussion.

She teaches music and currently works at Xamfrà (Centre de música i escena del Raval), at the Escola de Música d’Arenys de Munt, the Taller de música de Badalona and gives Masterclasses on vocal technique, repertoire and popular choral singing in Crisol de Cuerda , Encuentro de Música de Raiz, Encuerpa, WIM, among others.

Rossi has had the honor of working with incredible musicians and in her musical path has had special interest for traditional music: traditional Brazilian music (MPB), Argentine and Latin American folklore, traditional Iberian Peninsula music, jazz and improvisation. She is now participating in various formations: UNA (popular songs for string quartet and voice), Gafieira Miúda (samba and MPB), in duo formations with double bassist Juan Pablo Balcázar, Marta Roma, Naiara Armendáriz, etc., and has been for many years singer of the group Coetus. In 2022 she recorded her first solo album entitled “Una casa”.

Kike Arias

Dance workshop

Native from Valladolid, he graduated from the EPDCyL in 2016, continued his training at the CAD in Seville for two years, and in 2018 joined LARREAL within the RCPDM. Since 2020, he has been studying choreography at the CSDMA and works from folklore and contemporary Spanish dance. He has worked as a dancer in companies such as Úrsula López’s, the Flamenco Ballet of Madrid, Cienfuegos Danza, Rajatabla Danza, Ramón Oller, Colectivo Algazara, and the Zarzuela Theater. He has also been a dancer for music groups such as El Naán, Collado Project, Dulzaro, Tría, and El Gato con jotas. He has also taught workshops and classes at different festivals and meetings, showing his way of understanding dance and folklore in the present from traditional percussion and the democratization of dance to all bodies and people. His career as a creator has developed mainly in the field of dance with the Cont[R]igo Danza project and in his own pieces and shows throughout Spain. As an assistant and collaborator, he has worked with the company Mucha Muchacha in its latest show, and as a choreographer for Almoranza Danza in addition to different pieces for individuals.

Antonio Sánchez Barranco

Percussion masterclass

Antonio Sánchez is a percussionist specialized in sound effects and soundscapes. He has collaborated with countless artists: the great darbuka master Misirli Ahmet (Turkey), Maria del Mar Bonet, Silvia Pérez Cruz, Miguel Poveda, Chicuelo, Hossan Ramzi, Erkan Ogur, Ismail Tunçbilek, Levent Yildirim, Brian Dunnin, the Orchestra Chicago Symphony, Mercedes Peón, Gerard Quintana, Lluís Llach, Miguel Bosé, Víctor Manuel and Ana Belén, among others, and was a member of the Coetus percussion orchestra.

Among his discography, he appears in recordings by Maria del Mar Bonet, Silvia Pérez Cruz, Eliseo Parra, Lidia Pujol, Miquel Gil, Rosa Zaragoza, Kepa Junkera (together with Glen Vélez, Andy Narel and Marco Suzano), Alfonso Vilallonga, Los Amaya, Anita Zengeza, Balearic Symphony Orchestra, UTROPIC, Coetus, Tactequeté, Perico Sambeat, Misirli Ahmet, Jerry González, and more.

Acari Bertran

Percussion masterclass

Acari Bertran began his musical studies with four years of music theory and cello at the Badalona Conservatory, after which he continued his musical training as an autodidact. He later entered the world of percussion, studying at the modern music school in Badalona with Ernest Martinez. He also studied with professors such as Enildo Rasua, David Dominguez, Sengane N’gome and continued his studies traveling through different countries such as Brazil and Senegal to delve into their traditional rhythms.

Apart from playing as a percussionist in different flamenco groups, he has participated in projects such as Luna Cohen group, Maracatú, N’geweul djarama, Coetus, Utrópic. etc He has shared the stage with various artists such as Eliseo Parra, Silvia Perez Cruz, Luna Cohen, Kepa Junkera, Carles Dènia, Judit Nedderman, Dodou N’diaye Rose, Carlos Nuñez and more.

He has also taught percussion classes for people with functional diversity for several years, as well as different Masterclasses of Brazilian, Flamenco and traditional Iberian Peninsula percussion.



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